Planet Mug 2006 Sneak Peek – Togo

After an anxious beginning which found all of them drop their position fits in preparatory credentials dead heat versus minnows Equatorial Guinea 1-0, they gained the profit lower leg 2-0 and also after dropping their position team match away to Zambia, continued to be unbeaten to surpass the team.

Togo is actually one thing of an unfamiliar amount and also can spring a shock like Senegal performed 4 years earlier. Togo likewise has an extremely ranked goalkeeper in Kossi Agassa that is nicknamed “magic palms”.

Along with a lineage for being whipping kids of African soccer, Togo is unsurprisingly understood to become sluggish beginners in complements. While they dealt with to conquer this versus an additional moderate opponent, they might certainly not discover their enemies in Germany thus flexible.

Straight-out Odds: 500/1
Team G Winners: 16/1

Togo had certainly never resembled certifying just before up until they plunged into the background creating a project which viewed all of them safeguard a spot in Germany in front of 2002 World Cup part finalists Senegal and also African Cup of Nations finalists Mali.

Like South Korea, they have viewed an improvement in control before the finals this summertime. Former leader, as well as aide trainer of Nigerian Stephen Keshi, took control of complying with the Zambia loss and also led Togo to Germany yet consequently left behind adhering to an unsatisfactory proving at the Cup of Nations. He has been changed through 68-year-old German Otto Pfister that has trained in Switzerland, Asia as well as Africa but certainly never in his home.

Their spot in Germany opted for the ultimate time of training as well as a draw at Congo would certainly suffice. They fell back two times however 2 2nd one-half targets coming from Sochaux demonstrator Kader Toure got Les Eperviers (The Sparrow Hawks) a 3-2 success.

Highly recommended Bet
A person could spring a significant shock within this competition thus why indeed not Togo that could replicate the excellence taken pleasure in Senegal in 2002? Their 1st suit pits all of them versus probably their weakest enemies in South Korea which can serve as a jumping-off place for the video games versus France and also Switzerland. It is a long shot, yet …

Credentials observed a gathering to finish all groups in the funding of Lome. Revelers resisted an electrical power slice as well as putting rainfall to commemorate what was viewed before the certification matches as an inconceivable duty.

New World Cup certification for the very small west African country was such a tour de force the nation’s head of state proclaimed a legal holiday to commemorate it.

Togo to train coming from Group G @ 3/1

Former leader and also aide train of Nigerian Stephen Keshi took over complying with the Zambia loss and also lead Togo to Germany yet in convert left behind adhering to an unsatisfactory proving at the Cup of Nations. Togo is one thing of an unspecified amount and also could spring a shock like Senegal performed 4 years back. A person could spring a primary unpleasant surprise in this event therefore why certainly not Togo that could replicate the results taken pleasure in through Senegal in 2002? It is a long shot, however …

Togo to qualify from Group Coming from Team 3/1


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